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Ocean & Clouds

Make your computer or smart phone come to life with the serenity and beauty of floating clouds.

Experience the peace and tranquility of our cloudscape animated screensavers and wallpapers as they come to life on your computer screen or mobile device.

Choose from categories such as Natural Serenity, Sedona Magic or even Turbulent Storms, or perhaps something more eclectic and playful like Cartoonish, Psychedelic or Animal Shapes.

Our fully animated, hi-definition screensavers and wallpapers are easy to install and completely safe for your Windows computer and phone. Made from videos shot on location in the Caribbean and other exotic locations, our screensavers are original and unique and guaranteed to warm your heart. Try them and you’ll be floating on clouds!


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The best animated screensavers for windows 8. The best animated wallpapers for your Galaxy s5 or other mobile device. is the easiest way to download beautiful screensavers directly to your computer. Our screensavers are virus-free. No adware, no hidden files and no deceptive changing of your computer’s settings. Never download “free screensavers” because you will pay dearly in the end! Most “free screensavers” corrupt your computer by adding viruses, changing your default settings or adding adware and other junk. Our screensavers are HD  and look amazingly sharp on your computer or large screen TV.  All of our animated screensavers are hi-def 1080p resolution and of the highest quality. We’ve captured the best of the Caribbean and other exotic locations with our beautiful  sunrise, sunset and cloudscape horizons to bring you peace relaxation and tranquility. Many of our screensavers have a music soundtrack accompanying the video. Others have nature sounds like the waves or ocean breeze. Feel the healing, meditative power of these natural landscapes in our Natural Serenity category. We also have some very cool cartoon-like screensavers as well as a bunch of  colorful Psychedelic screensavers. So if you like the beauty of the sky, you’ve come to the right place.

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