What makes a good screensaver?

In the olden days, screensavers were created to protect your monitor from raster burn-in. It was a real problem that made your computer screen look like crap. Now screensavers are mainly for entertainment. Why not have something cool to display when your computer goes inactive for a while? Cloudscapescreensavers are meant to brighten your day. Besides giving you peace of mind that they are safe for your computer, our screensavers are also enjoyable to watch and to listen to. We have selected some great music to accompany the beautiful scenery of our screensavers. You can opt to mute the sound on your computer or you can purchase the ‘no audio’ version if you just want peace and quiet.

Personally, I enjoy the sound of the waves washing on the shore and the relaxing music in the background. In 2015 we are starting out with natural settings but  as our collection grows, we plan on offering screensavers in a number of different categories such as Cartoons, Psychedelic, etc. Check out our ever-growing collection of cool screensavers. You can also submit your own video for consideration on our site. Visit our ‘Contribute Content‘ page for more details.